Fri Jul 29 2005

Oshkosh 2005

Kerin went with me to Oshkosh this year. Here she's standing in front of a beautiful RV-7A.

Spaceship One was at the show this year. Pretty freakin' awesome to think this thing which a bunch of guys built in a hanger has been outside the atmosphere.

...another shot of Spaceship One.

We took my little brother, Kody, too. It was his first time out of the state of Ohio (except for visiting his aunt in West Virginia) and also his first time camping. Here he is in front of Spaceship One and White Knight.

They've got the hatches off.

Kody standing near the "business end" of the rocket. :-)

The A-10 is an awesome aircraft. Kody got a kick outta how big the main gun is.

Even though Kerin's not completely warmed-up to the idea of flying around in a plane we (I) built, I talked her into getting into Van's RV-7A for a photo-op.

....lots and lots of airshow pics. If you haven't been to Oshkosh before, you've gotta go.