Sat Aug 6 2005

Riveted on HS skins

Quite a bit of the riveting is done on the horizontal stabilizer. Just need to do the edge rivets.

Crappy picture.

Since my brother, Chris (middle), was in town for the Oshkosh trip and also a visit, our mutual friend, Brent (left), came over to see him. While he was here, we conned him into helping with the plane.

Here we're getting set up to rivet the inboard ribs.

Chris is building an RV-6A. Even though he hasn't been making much progress, he knows how to drive a rivet. I bucked.

Brent kept the whole rig from sliding around while we riveted.

Some of the rivets right near the spar were a real bitch. I learned something's very important to get the angle of the rib flanges to exactly match the taper of the skin surface. If the flanges are bent too much, it creates a gap which can't be closed by applying pressure to the rivet gun. If the flanges are not bent enough, the gap can be closed by pressing down on the rivet gun, but when you're done, the edges of the skin will be somewhat curled. This really showed up later when I was working on the rudder.

Almost done! :-)