Tue Jul 4 2006

Deburring wing ribs

Probably the biggest thing I hate about this kit is all the deburring. There's no doubt about it, deburring sucks! So far, my process has been to start with a coarse file and work my way down to finer and finer files. For all these little bend reliefs, like on these ribs, I've been using a needle file. The results look great, but it takes forever. I probably spent an hour on this rib alone.

After getting frustrated with the pace of this deburring, I sent a support request to Van's asking how much time deburring a rib should take and what their process is. Ken said they take maybe 3 minutes per rib. They just basically pass the edges around a ScotchBrite wheel. I also talked to Van himself later this month and he reassured me that I was going way overboard. I don't like the quick-and-dirty results nearly as much as the time-and-tedium method, but sooner or later I need to come to the realization that this plane isn't going to be perfect. The sooner I learn that, the faster I'll get-er-done.