Sun Jul 30 2006

Determing elevator trailing edge bend radius

After riveting on the stiffeners for the right elevator skin, I was ready to make the trailing edge bend. I've read of using dowels of anywhere from 1/8" up to 1/4" in diameter. I even contacted Van's. They said that per the drawings, the bend radius is 3/32". My main concern is that the skin taper matched the rib on both the top and bottom surfaces. Here, I've temporarily clecoed on a rib from below. Then I laid a 1/8" dowel in the bend. On top of the rib, I laid my scale to see how the skin would extend from the rib down to the bend. This dowel looks way too small.

Here's a 3/16" dowel which would match what Van's told me. It still looks too small, IMO.

This is the Goldilocks size. A 1/4" dowel matches the taper of the rib perfectly.