Wed Oct 18 2006

Wing component deburring

The aileron and flap attach brackets are nicely machined. I deburred the lot of 'em.

My brother deburred the rear spar doublers. Nice work, Chris.

More doubler (tripler?) plates to debur.

This is how the aileron and flap attach brackets get assembled.

We had a major deburring assembly line going for deburring all the ribs. Chris was deburring all the lightening holes on the drill press with a 2" ScotchBrite wheel. My dad was doing the flange edges using the ScotchBrite wheel on the grinder...

...and my mom was even helping out deburring the bend relief radiuses in the corners of the ribs. We basically ignored the bend relief radiuses all around the nose of the rib. I had talked to Van at Oshkosh this year and felt a lot more comfortable about this. I was being way too particular before.

The little cheap-o Black and Decker grinder got really hot before we realized it. Once we found out, we shut it down and laid a wet rag with some ice cubes on top to try to cool it down.

It's hard to see here, but if you look just above the ice cubes you can see some steam rising up in front of the far guard.

The doubler plate needed an oddball oblong hole cut in it. I found a die grinder bit which my dad gave me like 20 years ago. It worked great for getting the right contour.