Mon Oct 23 2006

Constructed leading edge cradle; match drilling wing skins

We used a rib to trace the profile for the wing cradle.

Not a bad fit at all. :-)

Van's is right...putting the skin in the cradle does make it a lot easier to get to the correct curvature.

Can't do much here since I'm outta clecos. I ordered 300 more, but they'll be a couple days before they come in. I decided to cut the pushrod tubes. That looks about perfect.. BTW, I cut this on the miter saw. It gave a nice square cut and just needed some light deburring.

Since these pushrod tubes are steel, I used the hacksaw instead. This cut was a real pain because I don't have a metal cutting blade, so I was trying to get by with a wood cutting blade. It worked OK, but I nicked the powder coating a couple of times. I thought it was interesting that the cutting process somehow magnetized the end of the tube.

We also cut / trimmed / deburred all of the fuel tank stiffeners.

Once we had the top skins match drilled, we took out a bunch of clecos and used them to put on the bottom skins.

Both inboard and outboard bottom skins are on.

There were enough clecos to put the left wing leading edge together.

Here's Chris checking the fit.

I'm just so geeked-up. :-)

Of course, after we got the leading edge on, we realized we had no way to cleco the ribs to the spar. So we took enough clecos out of the bottom surface to reach an arm up in there and cleco the ribs to the spar.

Each rib to spar flange got two at each end of the flange.

It's gonna be interesting when it comes time to put rivets in these.

Chris and I got the joint plate in place and match drilled to the leading edge skin.