Sun Mar 25 2007

Priming leading edge ribs

Today I primed the ribs and joint plates for the leading edges. I got the primer mixed up and started priming, but it was coming out like crap. The spray was a very coarse mist and the primer felt rough on the surface after it dried. It was also way darker than it should be. I tried tweaking both knobs on my Husky gravity-feed HVLP gun and even tweaked the pressure, but couldn't get it to spray right. I was getting disgusted, so I called a buddy of mine, Jim Buxton, who has done a lot more painting than I have. I explained what was happening and he thought it sounded like a classic case of the primer being too thick. He suggested I add some more of the catalyst reducer to thin it out somewhat. Well that was just what the doctor ordered. After thinning, the priming went great!. Here you can see the finished parts. You can see the two ribs I primed first in the left stack under the top two. They look kind of dark. I was gonna strip this primer off and redo them, but when I tried stripping the primer off one of the joint plates, it was a real bitch. It took me like 1/2 hour just to strip off an 8" section. I figured that if it was that hard to get off with MEK and Lacquer thinner that the primer was good enough to do it's job and protect against corrosion, so I left it.