Fri Mar 30 2007

Aileron bracket problems fixed

Today, I got my new Z brackets and the proseal kit from Van's. I also received the Starrett level I purchased on eBay. It's used, but in pretty good shape. Now I can return the one I borrowed from Joe at work.

I also got a reply from Joe Blank about my hole spacing problem for the aileron attach brackets. Joe suggested making a doubler plate. That was a good idea, but I thought of an even easier solution...switch the outboard most rib on the left wing with the second-to-outboardmost rib on the right wing and vice-versa. They are the same part number. Even though I've already match drilled the skin to the ribs, the prepunching has been so good that the holes should line right up. Here you can see the two ribs I've swapped from the left wing to the right wing.

Now there's no extra hole to worry about. :-)