Sat Apr 7 2007

Riveted leading edges

This photo and the next one are actually carried over from the previous night. I assembled the tiedown brackets.

...and deburred the new Z brackets.

My friend, Jim, came over today to help rivet the outboard leading edges together. It was slow going at first until we got the bottom rivets put in and took the wing section out of the cradle.

Here's the outboard leading edge for the right wing after installing the rivets on the bottom.

The completed outboard leading edge for the right wing. Jim's giving it the "thumbs-up". :-) When we were getting started on the top rivets, Jim suggested moving the bench out from the wall so that I could buck from one side and he could drive from the other. This turned out to be a great idea and it sped up our progress. The improved access helped the quality of the riveting too. This section took about four hours total.

On the leading edge for the left wing, we also decided to do away from the cradle all together and just rest the section on the clecoes on the bench. That was another improvement. Riveting this section took about two hours total. Nice speed improvement.