Thu May 10 2007

Riveting on leading edge

My order from Aircraft Tool Supply came! I love receiving packages! It's like a little bit of Christmas in the middle of the year. :-)

(yeah, yeah, I know the cost was charged to my credit card...just let me have my moment here already. sheesh! :-)

Here they are...a 10 inch straight, an 10 inch single offset, a 7 inch straight, and a 7 inch single offset.

I ground down the side of the 7 inch straight set.

Even though I didn't have a riveting partner, I had to give the new set a try. It was a real pain driving the rivets that attach the leading edge ribs to the spar solo, but I managed to get the outboard three ribs riveted.

The shop heads came out pretty well.

Here's another shop head that came out well. I ran out of reach when I tried the 4th most outboard rib. I just couldn't get an angle on it solo. Gonna have to get a helper.