Sat Jun 9 2007

Drilled tank attach brackets

Well I realized I had drilled / dimpled the wrong tooling holes. I flattened those dimples out. I'll use the covers on the correct tooling holes here shortly.

Checking how much clearance I need for the fuel pickup elbow and nut. The nut fits in a 15/16" hole.

Soooo...I gotta be careful not to put any rivets inside the circle.

Got the rivet locations all marked out.

And the brackets are all done. You may be asking yourself, "why does he have three attach brackets?" The answer is quite simple really...I'm a moron.

I measured the diameter of the fuel pickup pilot. It was about .559 inch diameter. So I'm like ok that'll make a nice fit with a 5/8 inch hole. WRONG! 5/8 inch = .625 inch. What I really wanted was 9/16 inch. So I got to remake one of those brackets. Fortunately I had enough leftover material to make the replacement one.