Sun Jun 10 2007

Fuel tank prep; fuel sender customization
Fuel tank prep; fuel sender customization

I trimmed the notches in the outboard fuel sender plates to clear the skin stiffeners. I think I may have made the notch at the top a little too big. Shouldn't hurt anything.

This is where the tooling hole covers are supposed to go!

I match drilled the tank attach brackets to the inboard ribs and doubler plates. I also really scuffed up the surfaces of the doubler plates and attach brackets that will get proseal by passing them over my sanding disc which has 80 grit on it.

Same thing for the outboard ribs and doubler plates.

You won't find this little gizmo in the plans. This angle is going to attach to a stiffener just like the capacitance fuel sender plates are attached to a rib. I'm going to wire this angle to it's own BNC connector. In the future, I'll use it in conjunction with a custom circuit to compensate the main capacitance senders for fuels of varying dielectric coefficients. The intention is to come up with a solution so that the fuel level reading is not affected by the type of fuel that's put in the tank. This is the major drawback of the capacitance type senders.

I actually made two of these little probes. One for the left tank and one for the right tank.