Tue Jun 19 2007

Tank riveting with Brent Owens

This evening I went over to Brent's house to help him with his fuel tanks. He did the bucking with that really nice tungston bucking bar he's got while I ran the gun. My riveting consistency wasn't so good on the first rib, but after that we turned the pressure on the compressor up and I did better.

...Here I am clecoing in a rib we just slathered up with proseal.

After about three hours, we had three internal ribs done on the left tank and called it a night.

Looking good!

Another bay...

If you look at the rib on the left, you can see that the flanges are pointing the opposite direction as the two ribs in the center of the picture. As you'll see on Thu Jun 21 2007, this is really gonna bite us in the ass. The arrows show where the forward most holes of the skin don't line up with their mates on the rib. Click on the full size pic to see what I mean.