Thu Jun 21 2007

Tank riveting with Brent Owens

Went back to Brent's this evening to help on his tanks some more. We had done three of the left tank ribs on Tue Jun 19 2007, so we quickly got the fourth, then the fifth inboard ribs riveted in, but OH CRAP! We riveted in a rib for the right tank into the left tank. Well after about 30 seconds of severe depression, we decided that the only thing to do was drill it out. Brent trusted me with the drill (muahahahaha) and I got the rivets drilled out without mucking it up too badly. We located the correct rib, mixed up another batch of ProSeal, and popped it into place. Problem solved.

Here we are finishing up the internal ribs on the left tank.

...moving on to the right tank.

Each time we got a rib in, we decided to do "just one more" before finishing for the night.

When the sun went down, the bugs were attracted to the lights in the garage, so we had to close the garage door. The MEK fumes had nowhere to go anymore, so we donned our respirators.

Well, we've got four ribs in the right tank...we might as well finish up the internal ribs...

Taa-daa! All the internal ribs are done on both tanks! Brent should be able to finish up the rest of the tank work solo. It ended up being a pretty late night. I think I finally headed out somewhere around 12:00 or 12:30 AM. Always fun working with Brent.