Sat Jun 23 2007

Scuffed and dimpled tank skin

My folks are visiting, so my dad and I did some work on the plane today. Here, he's drilling for the nutplates that will attach the fuselage fairing to the wing. I should have done this before putting the skins on, but forgot. We got some chips stuck down between the skin and the wing walk doubler, so I took out a few rivets in the top and bottom spars so that I could deburr both the skin and wing walk doubler and also vacuum or brush the chips out from between the two sheets.

I scuffed the left tank skin along the rivet lines using a three inch diameter ScotchBrite twist-loc disc.

...working on dimpling the left tank skin. My mom came down to say goodnight, but I roped her into helping hold the skin open so I wouldn't whack it with the hammer.

After much sweating, bending, and hammering, the left tank skin is fully dimpled!