Sun Jul 8 2007

RV-10 Eggenfellner visit

Photos courtesy of Bob Leffler.

Today Bob Leffler (building an RV-10 and I flew up in his Cherokee 180 to Greenville, PA to visit Dan Lloyd's RV-10 project. Dan is hoping to have his airworthiness inspection on Tuesday. A bunch of other RVers flew in too. It was nice meeting some of the guys. Here's a picture of the flightline. From left to right you can see: Mike "Flaps" Allardyce's RV-7A, Glen "Dogg" Miller's RV-8, Bill "Popeye" Flaherty's RV-8, Speedo's super-fast RV-8, an unknown Bonanza (???), and Bob Leffler's Cherokee 180. I also got a chance to meet Gary "Shine'r" Jasper and see his beautiful (polished) RV-6.

Flaps and Dogg made a nice formation fly-by prior to landing. And you shoulda seen Speedo on climbout. He must have been climbing at close to 2000 ft/min. He also did a high speed pass (with smoke on :-) after he left.

The flight up was nice. The flight back, however was rather bumpy due to all the thermal activity. Bob got us back to KDLZ safely, however. Thanks again for the ride, Bob!

Here's Jan Eggenfellner (in the plane) and Dan Lloyd. If you're wondering why there's a digit missing out of Dan's tail number it's because Bob and I screwed up the application of the decal. Dan's wife, Trish, did the other side and it came out much better than our side. Dan's gonna have to buy another 2 to complete N289DT.

Here's a shot of the six cylinder Eggenfellner engine.

Here are some of the RV guys helping out. From left to right are: Popeye's butt, Flaps, and Dogg. It was really nice meeting all the guys. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do some flying with them in the not-to-distant future.