Sat Jul 14 2007

Installing tank ribs - help from Greg Schroeder

Started working on the tanks today. Got the stiffeners riveted on to the left tank skin this morning and dabbed goo over the heads of the rivets. So far, this proseal stuff ain't so bad.

Greg Schroeder came over around 1:00pm to help with the tank assembly. Greg's getting close to finishing the empennage for his Sportsman, so he's an old hand at the rivet gun.

Here's Greg mixing up another batch of black death in preparation for rib #2.

The first rib turned out quite nicely, IMO.

Didn't get any more progress pictures, but Greg and I kicked some serious ass today. We got all five of the internal ribs riveted into place in the left tank. Only had one bad rivet to boot!

Greg even offered to come back tomorrow to work on the right tank, so I worked late to get the stiffeners installed on the right tank skin. Damn if the batch of proseal didn't run out with just five rivets left to dab over. Sigh.

The stiffeners look great from the outside. Hope they hold fuel as well.