Sun Jul 15 2007

Tank assembly - help from Greg Schroeder

Greg came back over to help with the right tank today. All was going well until I futzed up this rivet. This is the aft most rivet on the bottom side. The reason I screwed it up is that the pressure from the rivet gun was pulling the rib flange away from the skin. I tried to compensate for this by pushing sideways on the rib, but it resulted in a tipped rivet. So we took it out and tried again, but that one was worse. After removing and replacing it about five times this is the POS that I ended up with. On top of that I dented the skin trying to use my squeezer to squeeze the rivet straight.

Greg was very reassuring...he didn't even say anything like "well that was pretty stupid" or "my trained monkey could do better" even though I deserved it. Gah!

With all the futzing around with that rivet, we only got three internal ribs installed before Greg had to split. After he left, I did some more work by installing the fuel filler ring. Here it is after cleanup, but before dabbing.

...and after dabbing plus smoothing a fillet of sealant around it.

I think the one on the left tank actually came out better...the fillet isn't as sloppy looking.

I also installed the sump fittings. These were actually quite a bitch. I tried several times to squeeze these rivets, but the dang squeezer kept slipping sideways and bending the rivet shank over. I finally ended up using the mushroom set (non-swivel) and bucking these rivets.

Then I dabbed over the heads on the inside...being careful to leave a path for water to find the sump without having to go uphill over a ring of proseal.

I also installed the tooling hole covers on the outboard most tank ribs.

Nice clean installation from the outside. :-)