Mon Jul 16 2007

Tank assembly

These pictures are actually carried over from last night. Here's the mess of gloves and paper towels produced by two full days of proseal hell.

Here are the cups from something like 15 batches of proseal. Gah.

After work today, I stopped over at Bob Leffler's house. Bob was nice enough to supply me with a few oops rivets so I could try one last time to get that rivet from hell to look better. It actually worked out OK. The shop head isn't great, but it'll hold. I also added extra proseal around the flange to protect against leaks.

I wanted to get some more work done, but was tired of the proseal, so I decided to work on the fuel return fittings. My return lines are just going to dump directly into the inboard most bay. I bought a couple bulkhead fittings for this to modify, but needed a way of holding them square so I could cut them off after the thickness of the nut and washer. I decided to drill a hole in this bar...

So I could use it as a jig for sawing the end of the fitting off.

It worked really well...some cutting, sanding, and filing later, this is what I ended up with.

The fitting is almost flush with the nut now.

Just some miscellaneous prep here...scuffed all the fitting washers and cleaned these parts in MEK. Done for the night, I think.