Thu Jul 27 2007

Oshkosh 2007

After attending an interesting forum about propeller design put on by Jack Norris, I found this RV. It has what Jack claims to be the only really correctly designed prop for RVs. After getting home I've done some research and it does seem to be a couple MPH faster than the competition. This is a WhirlWind 200RV composite prop.

During the airshow, there was a very cool 35 ship RV formation.

Some T-6's made a nice formation flyby.

...along with a pair of T-33s and a pair of F-86s.

Here's something you don't see F-15 in formation behind a P-51 Mustang. These guys were so tight I was worried the poor little P-51 might get sucked into the jet intake. (not really :-)

I forget the name of the parachute team that opened up the show. They were good (albeit crazy for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane).

Greg and I attended a Lycoming engine build forum.

My camping neighbor, a guy named Simon Bull from Australia, and I went over to the seaplane base. It was nice and peaceful. I saw this recently finished GlassStar on floats and snapped a pic for Greg's benefit.

Then there was this cute little LSA amphibian. Very cool. Still cost >$100k though. :-/

This guy got a tow over to the dock and then took off.

The C-17 was there. That's one big-assed plane, for sure.

...and a U-2.


Here's the last F-4 Phantom in service. On one hand I'm glad to see one of these planes is still in service (and in tip-top shape for that matter). On the other hand, why are we paying good taxpayer dollars to maintain an antique that'll never, ever see combat. Big waste of money in my opinion.