Thu Aug 30 2007

Tank fittings

After spending some time cleaning as much proseal residue out of the right tank as possible and reinstalling my capacitive sender plates, I decided to install the flop tube and other fittings. I found some gunk on the sealing surface of the first flop tube. It only took a minute to clean that out, but got me wondering what the inside of the tube looked like.

Here's a shot "down the barrel" so to speak. There's definitely some crap stuck in there.

After shoving a little piece of paper towel soaked in MEK through, this is what came out. Eww. I'm glad I didn't run that through my fuel system.

Next step was to safety wire the bulkhead elbow to the flop tube. I don't think I've safety wired anything since I was in the Naval Reserve about 18 years ago, so I'm a little rusty. It came out OK I guess although my winding isn't very uniform. Maybe I'll get one of those pairs of safety wire pliers eventually.