Sat Sep 1 2007

Tank miscellaneous

After dabbing the rivets attaching the nose doubler to the outboard rib of the right tank and smearing a liberal coating of proseal around all the little fingers on the outside of that same rib, I decided to prep the Z brackets.

Once these Z brackets are attached to the tank, it'll be impossible to prime the underside of the flange which attaches to the spar. So I decided to prime that surface and also the side of the web which will be partially hidden by that aforementioned flange.

Note that I didn't prime the inboard most Z brackets since all surfaces will be accessible for priming after installation.

After priming the Z brackets, I still had some primer left in the gun. Not wanting to waste it, I came down to see what else needed primed. I found my aileron pushrods and primed the ends where the powdercoat had been chipped from sawing. I also sprayed a bunch of primer inside the tubes and swirled them around to fully coat the interior surface.

Z brackets now have nutplates installed. A quick cleaning with MEK and they'll be ready for installation on the tanks.

I installed the BNC connectors and soldered the wires from the capacitive fuel sender plates (and my compensator probe) to the center pins.

...then smeared them over with proseal.

Last job for the night was to prep the left tank for proseal fillets. I got four out of six bays taped off then decided to quit for the night. It was getting hot in the basement.