Sun Sep 2 2007

Proseal fillets

I ran out to Home Depot today to get some more blue masking tape and a new set of filters for my respirator. The old ones smelled kind of funny. When I got home I was curious how much MEK vapor had been absorbed. Here's the new filter on the scale (which has been tared).

Dang! The old filter is 17 grams heavier. No wonder they weren't working that well anymore.

I spent some time taping off the other two bays and applied Proseal fillets to all of the rib flanges along the bottom of the tank.

I had to mix a second batch to finish up the fillets and had some left over so I put a nice heavy fillet over the nose fingers at the outboard end of the left tank.

Later this evening I taped off the top flanges of the ribs...