Tue Sep 4 2007

Proseal fillets

This evening I taped off the stiffeners for filleting. Getting the tape position correct on the forward stiffeners is a pain, so I taped a mirror in place to be able to see the tape position.

After a few hours of taping and smearing proseal, the stiffeners are fully filleted. This completes the proseal fillets on the left tank. I'm going to try to get this tank ready for Scott's visit on Wednesday. Maybe I'll see if I can take Wednesday off work to get this tank ready for closing up.

As a side note, some of the tape I applied tonight for filleting the stiffeners really got stuck to the recently applied fillets along the bottom flanges of the ribs. Those flange fillets aren't wet, but are still very fresh and the tape really sticks to it. It actually pulled bits of the proseal off in a couple spots. You can see a spot like this just aft of the aft stiffener (the one closer to the camera) on the right hand side. You'll probably need to click the full sized image to see it.

When I got home from work today I called Van's and ordered the fuselage. So that means I've got eight weeks left to finish these tanks, the flaps, and ailerons.