Sat Sep 8 2007

Tank repair

I borrowed this little camera from my friend, Brent Borghese, today. It's small enough to fit through the fuel filler ring.

I hooked up the camera to a spare TV we had sitting around. Using a piece of 3/8 inch ID aluminum tube (from the aviation aisle at Home Depot) that I bent into shape so I could stick it through the fuel filler ring, I apply a fillet of proseal to the leaking corner. Kerin helped by articulating the camera-on-a-stick.

Here is a crappy video showing how the camera worked out. The new fillet of sealant worked great and fixed the leak. Notice the pool of spit in the bottom corner that came out after blowing out all the sealant. Eww. Ahh well, it's the price I pay for a leak-free tank.

After pressurizing the tank again, I found that the fuel cap was leaking. A quick tightening of the nut cured that problem.