Tue Sep 25 2007

Aileron trailing edge bends

In preparation for doing the trailing edge bend on the ailerons, I screwed a scrap piece of oak to the workbench to keep the aileron from scooting away from the brake.

Then I wedged a bunch of pieces of cardboard (cut to just the right size) between the oak and the dowel at my trailing edge. These are for keeping the dowel from sliding out.

Another improvement I made since doing the elevators is using this angle gauge That way, I can bend a little, note the angle, release, and then bend just a little more if necessary. It worked quite well, however I wasn't able to get the bend angle narrow enough due to the stiffeners hitting.

So I used the seaming pliers to squeeze the bend down a little at a time. At first I used strips of aluminum to soften the bite of the seaming pliers, but that wasn't working too well, so I switched to using a layer of that brown foam stuff (shelf liner) which I usually have laying on my workbench.

The bends came out quite well, but now I'm faced with trying to get these leading edges to fit on. There's a big gap between the skin and the spar.

Another view of the leading edge skin with the ribs in place. It seems like the top of the leading edge skin isn't curved enough.