Sun Oct 14 2007

Riveting bottom skins

This morning, my friend, Greg, came over and helped rivet on the bottom skins onto the right wing. It went great and we got done in about 2 1/2 hours.

Here's Greg standing next to a closed-up right wing.

Afterward, we headed over to his house and leveled up the spars of his Sportsman 2+2. My machinists' level came in quite handy.

When I got home, I clecoed on one of the new aileron skins that Van's sent. This time I put the steel bar in place and also the spar doubler plates.

There was still a slight bulge. :-( I think I'm just gonna move forward with the ailerons. Hopefully the riveting will flatten the bulge out somewhat.

I match drilled the doubler plates. I also tried to be careful about which holes get countersunk for the rib attach points and also the nutplate.

Speaking of the nutplate, I checked the clearance with the rib installed. There is basically no clearance at all, but it doesn't seem to interfere, either. Looks like I don't need to file away any of this rib.

Here are the two aileron attach brackets that I match drilled.