Sat Oct 20 2007

Flying with Tom Webster

Last night I got a call from Tom Webster asking if I was interested in going to a pancake breakfast fly-in today. Heck yeah! Here's Tom next to his beautiful RV-7A.

We took off from DLZ and climbed out like a bat outta hell. Here, the RV's hauling us up and over 1700 ft/min. Wow.

We made great time on the way to I18. Ground speed was over 200 the whole way!

The sun was out....

...and the fall foliage below was beautiful. Here we are approaching I18 (Jackson county / Ravenswood, WV).

I met some RV folks. Here's Larry with his new RV-7A. He just finished his phase 1 testing. His plane had 25.1 hours on it as I took this photo.

I also met Ted and Joseph who had flown in in their new RV-9A. Ted made a nice low pass (32 MB) when he was leaving.

Here's a group of RVAtors. From left to right are Tom, Clyde, Rick, Joseph, Ted, and Larry.

Rick was a bit shy about getting his photo taken with his newly-acquired RV-7A. Perhaps it's because he's used to flying those RVs with the baby wheel in the back. It's good to see he's moved up to the ranks of real pilots who fly with the nose wheel in the right place! :-)

Bruce Ray and Dave flew in from Ashland, KY in this gorgeous RV-8 that Dave built. Apparently this is Dave's third airplane that he's built. Bruce flys for NetJets. I asked him if he knew either of my two other NetJets friends, Brent and Greg, but he didn't. Not really surprising...NetJets is a big company (actually a bunch of different companies).

After departing I18, we flew up to PKB (Parkersburg) where I met Ty. Ty shares a hanger with Rick and is currently working on an RV-7A. I got a couple good ideas from Ty.