Sun Oct 28 2007

Misc aileron work

Today I made these simple stands to set the aileron counterbalance on (in the V-notches at the top). These'll support the pipe and give clearance to set the aileron leading edge skin on.

With the pipe and skin suspended, I was able to use one of the dimple dies to dimple for the CS4-4 rivets that will attach the skin to the counterbalance pipe. I rocked the dimple die forward and back as I tapped with the hammer so the dimple would follow the curve of the pipe somewhat.

It looks like the rivet's should fit pretty well.

I also got around to finally countersinking these aileron spar doubler plates.

Since I'm waiting form my non-prepunched aileron ribs, I started working on the flaps. After clecoing one of the ribs back in position, it looks like I'm gonna have to complete the flap skin trailing edge bend. It's too much to just pull down.