Thu Nov 1 2007

Match drilling left flap

This evening I re-mounted my bending brake apparatus and completed the trailing edge bend on both the left and right flap skins.

I had to make these little shims to take up the space between the aft edge of the internal flap ribs and the rear "spar" (which is actually just a flange that was bent from the bottom flap skin). The outermost two internal ribs needed .032" shims. The innermost two internal ribs needed .040" shims.

I spent some time assembling the left flap and match drilling (almost) everything. Looks good!

Before doing all this match drilling I had a problem...I couldn't figure out which spar was for the left flap and which was for the right flap. I had peeled off the blue plastic without marking them. So I called my friend, Brent, who's building the RV-8 and asked him. He figured out that one spar flange has closer hole spacing than the other and that was just what I needed to identify which was which. Thanks, Brent!

Lastly, before I quit for the night, I deburred the flap actuator brackets. There's also a mounting angle that I need to locate.