Tue Nov 6 2007

Flap and aileron work

This evening I completed all the match drilling of the left flap. You may remember that yesterday, I had problems drilling the hole in the flap actuator bracket. Tonight I got smart and clamped that bracket and the rib in my drill press to open up that hole. It worked really well.

Here you can see the hole is much cleaner than on the right side.

I deburred all of the left flap components (although this picture doesn't show the skins or spar).

After working on the left flap, I decided to drill the new aileron ribs to the aileron skins. The new ribs appear to have completely cured the skislope effect that the trailing edge skin exhibited with the prepunched ribs (shown on Wed Oct 24 2007).

I needed to transfer drill the #10 holes (actually a #12 drill bit for a #10 screw) through the spar into the forward flange of the new ribs...

...so I used the hinge bit to get the pilot hole perfectly centered. If you don't have one of these hinge bits, I recommend getting one. It's proven to be really handy.

The new ribs didn't fit exactly like the previous ones. Here you can see the nutplate will hit the rib, unlike the previous ribs. Ah well, no big deal...

I just cut a little relief for the nutplate.

Here's the view from the outside all nicely deburred and everything.