Sun Nov 18 2007

Priming, installing tanks, and aileron work

This photo is actually from yesterday. I spent nine hours at work in the paint booth priming all these parts. I'm glad I've got access to a paint booth, but nine hours is way too much. My back was aching and I didn't get home till after midnight.

I also primed both of the tanks. Now they're ready to be set in place on the wings.

The inboardmost z-bracket holes didn't line up with the spar holes very well. I think we might have bent the flange of the rib slightly when we were riveting on the z-bracket.

So I made a little A-frame arrangement with some blocks of wood to force it into position so I could put the bolts in.

After putting in a bunch of bolts and a kazillion screws, the tanks are finally installed on the wings. Hopefully they never have to come off. By the remember the gap I had between the tank skin and the main skin? Well I installed the screws in the top of the tank first and there's zero gap there. There's still about .020 gap between the tank skin and the bottom main skin. Ah well...good enough!

I also started putting the right aileron together today. Here's the leading edge skin with the counterbalance pop riveted on.

I tapped on the edges of the CS4-4 rivets with my small hammer to make them more flush with the curved skin.

I got the top of the trailing edge skin clecoed on in preparation for riveting.

None of my bucking bars seemed to fit in between the spar flanges very well, so I decided to use my long steel bar and special bucking block to do the top rivets as well as the bottom ones. I'll show more about this later.