Wed Nov 21 2007

Flap assembly

Today I started working on putting the flaps together. I started by riveting these angles to the spar (being careful to leave open the holes for the pop rivets). As usual, I put the manufactured head on the thinner material (the spar in this case).

After that I riveted the aft tabs of all the interior ribs to the "rear spar" of the flap (actually just part of the bottom skin that's been turned up. Note the spacer between the rib flange and the spar to take up the gap.

Riveting solo is a bummer. I've never gotten good at this. The dang gun want's to slide all over the place. I clamped the skin vertical to make access as good as possible.

Then I riveted on the nutplates and doubler plates to the inboard ribs. The nutplate and doubler pretty much cover up the evidence that I dimpled one of the holes which I wasn't supposed to.

After riveting on the top skin, I ran into this...the aftmost rivets on the inboard rib have reeeaaaalllyy bad access for bucking. How in the heck am I gonna get a bucking bar in there? I guess I'll search the net to see if anyone else has come up with a good way of doing this. Aside from that, I'm predicting another trip to the machine shop at work to make yet another custom bucking bar. Sigh.