Sat Dec 1 2007

Flap work

What the heck?!?! Apparently this is what I get for letting the camera lie around. Flower pictures mixed in with my airplane log. Gah! ;-)

After thinking about this some more, I decided the problem with kinking the lip of the skin was caused by the fact that when I try to pry the skin down to fit the pop rivet tool in, all the pressure ends up being focused on one little spot of the lip. So I figured if I created even pressure along the whole leading edge, then I could avoid a kink. So I made up some wood blocks that I could use to clamp the leading edge to the workbench.

You can see that I used the tablesaw to rip a notch down the length of the blocks in order to make clearance for the lip. I made two separate blocks so that I could leave a gap to get the pop rivet tool into.

It's just a matter of gently prying down the trailing edge of the flap to uncurl the leading edge enough to get a straight shot at the pop rivet. It worked pretty well, but this is really a three handed for pushing down on the flap and two on the pop rivet tool. I'll try to figure this out more tomorrow.