Tue Dec 4 2007

Unpacking / inventorying fuselage kit

This evening I spent about 5 hours unpacking the fuselage kit and inventorying everything. It's all kind of spread out over the living room floor until I get the wings finished and put them against the back wall of the living room.

I was hoping to get the crate out of the garage because it's supposed to snow overnight and the crate is taking up my spot in the garage. By the time I was done unpacking and inventorying it was almost midnight, so I wasn't about to start tearing the crate apart.

By the way, that's not a body lying on the floor of my garage to the right of the crate. It's the scarecrow that Kerin uses to decorate our porch for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Since we're into December, the scarecrow had to come down to make room for the Christmas decorations.

Here's the majority of the stuff spread out over the living room floor. I'll get this more organized pretty soon.

In the big hardware bag I got three bags of AN426A4-5 rivets that should have been AN426AD4-5. These didn't have the dimple in the head which is a dead giveaway. They're only rated at 16,000psi tensile strength instead of 38,000psi like the AD rivets, so I definitely want to make sure I don't get these mixed up. I'm tempted to just throw them out so that there's no chance I'll inadvertenly use them.

I sent an e-mail to Vans asking for replacements. They were already aware of the possibility of sending these out since they sent me a letter to check them. I also saw a post on the matronics RV-List where another builder was shipped some of these too.

Update: Van's sent three bags of replacement rivets right out. I got them in less than a week. I decided to throw the other ones away to make sure I didn't end up using them where I shouldn't.