Sat Dec 8 2007

Aileron and flap work

Today I went into work to use one of the mills in the machine shop yet again. I made these pieces which I hope to use to cure the aileron bracket being out of perpendicular with the spar.

Here's the arrangement. With these rods in position, all I need to do is tighten the screws and bend the bracket over somewhat. This method keeps all the bending forces contained in the bracket, so I don't put any stress on the spar.

It worked great! You can see that the bracket is angling inboard, then makes a correction so that the bearing is in just the right place.

The aileron isn't pushed sideways anymore and the spacing at the inboard bracket looks good. The only thing I don't like is that a slight gap opened up between the two plates of the bracket down near the bearing.

With the aileron installed, I set to work determining where to drill the flap hinge. I used these two strap clamps to hold the flap in position right next to the aileron with the trailing edges aligned. Then I got a measurement from the aft edge of the main skin to the forward edge of the flap skin.

A quick calculation gave me the distance I should drill the holes from each edge of the hinge.

After marking a line on the hinge, I drilled a single hole and clecoed the hinge to the flap with that hole. Cleco clamps were used for the rest of the length.

After much drilling and clecoing, I had the hinge drilled to the left flap.

More drilling and I got the hinge drilled to the left wing.

With the hinges clecoed in place, I installed the flap to check alignment with the aileron. It looks pretty good...not perfect, but good enough. The flap is about .010 aft of the aileron.