Mon Dec 10 2007

More flap work

After riveting, removing rivets, and more riveting, I got the hinge assembled to the left flap. I had a heck of a time getting it untwisted. It was nice and flat when I started riveting, but after putting in about 25 rivets, it had about 1/16 inch of twist, so I got to drill those all out. Oh joy!

I finally had to get Kerin to come down and help hold some opposing twist in the flap so that when it was relaxed, it would be flat. This is probably the worst of the control surfaces and has about 1/32 inch of twist over it's length.

I used the custom spar flange adjustment tool (the one I mentioned yesterday) to tweak the spar flange down so the main skins don't flare upwards.

It came out great!

Boy those wings look nice! I can't wait to get them out of the jigs. Maybe I'll make the wing cradle tomorrow.

The last thing I did for the night was to cut a couple eyes from a piece of leftover hinge and drill them for some #8 screws. I'm planning on using these to retain the flap hinge pins.