Thu Dec 13 2007

Wings complete!

Some friends from work came over after work today to help me get the wings out of the jigs and into the cradle. Thanks Rich, Kevin, and Kirby!

Afterward, I decided to finish up the flap mounting. Here I've removed a couple tabs from the right flap.

I also removed a single tab from the right wing and drilled the holes for this nutplate. I put in a AN496AD3-3.5 rivet and spent some time trying to figure out how to buck that sucker.

Finally I just said screw it, drilled the rivet holes out to 7/64 and used a pair of MK319BS rivets to hold the nutplate on. Good 'nuff.

After some judicious cutting and bending of the hinge pins, I test fit the retainer. Looks pretty sweet.

I duplicated the installation on the left wing and got Kerin to help hold the flaps up while I installed the hinge pins.

Stick a fork in 'em cause these wings are DONE!