Wed Jan 2 2008


I was doing some more deburring this evening (insert Gomer Pyle voice here) Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Anyway, after finishing the past few nights my back was aching. I realized that for the fine detail work, my workbench was too low for me to stand and work at. So in a moment of inspiration, I decided to clamp a post to the workbench that I could brace the work against while I was standing and filing. I felt pretty smug about my clever ingenuity...for about five microseconds. Then I thought, "Great idea, only took you two and a half years to think of that." Argh!

After deburring a couple bulkheads with a bunch of bend reliefs (very tedious), I decided to do some simple parts. I was busy deburring this little piece of 1/8 thick sheet and thought, "hrm...something doesn't look right here." Sure enough, it wasy way out of square. Turns out the long edges weren't parallel either.

I touched it up on the sander and got it squared right up. Unfortunately in order to square it up, I had to make it about 1/16 inch too short. I guess I'll just wait to see if that's a problem.

Here are the parts I got deburred before calling it a night. Those bulkheads took the majority of the time. About an hour each. :-(