Sun Jan 13 2008

Fabricating brackets, deburring

Kody was over today and he helped me out on some airplane work. I cut some lengths of aluminum extrusion with the DeWalt miter saw.

Then after marking the cut lines I showed Kody how to use the bandsaw. He was a bit nervous, this being his first time using large power tools and all, but I gave him instructions how to use the tools safely. He also got to use the drill press and the sander.

Here are the firewall brackets we fabricated.

We also did the main cuts to remove material from the flange of these brackets. I waited until I got home after dropping him off before doing the finish filing and deburring on these.

The plans didn't call for it, but I put a slight radius in the corners of the cutouts to prevent stress risers.

After that I deburred a bunch of other parts.