Thu Jan 17 2008

Deburring bulkheads

I got my order from Avery tools today. I needed a couple new 2" ScotchBrite wheels and a ram for my c-frame dimpler that would fit into the rivet gun. Trying to get prepared for putting the center section together. I also bought this really nice 3lb backriveting bucking bar. It was on sale!

I decided to start deburring some of the bulkhead pieces. I've been dreading doing these because of all the detail work.

I noticed that some of the flanges overlapped during the hydroforming process and got deformed. I figured it'd also be impossible to deburr those areas, soooo...

...I used the bandsaw to cut through the overlapping areas and create a little relief.

Two hours later, I had this one part done. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a freakin' perfectionist.