Sat Jan 26 2008

Airplane Plastics visit

This morning, some of the EAA chapter 9 group and I went over to Tipp City (north of Dayton) to visit Airplane Plastics. They make all the canopies for the Van's series of aircraft.

The owners, Jeff and Becky, were nice enough to show our group their operation.

They have three dogs that they always bring to work. This one, Cooper, was a real sweetie.

While we were there, they made an RV-8 canopy. Since my friend, Brent, is building an 8, I had him pose for the camera. :-)

After leaving Airplane Plastics and grabbing some lunch, we went over to Jim Hammond's place (near Yellow Springs) to look at his Standard. Jim is restoring this 1917 aircraft including completely rebuilding the wings.

The workmanship is beautiful.

Here's Jim standing next to the business end of the Standard.

After getting home, I did some work on the spar center section. Here, I'm using the unibit to open up some holes for snap bushings.