Tue Jan 29 2008

F-704 Spar center section riveting

I finished riveting the vertical members onto the center section bulkheads this evening. Then I had to rivet on the shear bars.

If I wasn't laughing so hard, I'd have been really mad at myself for this. Not only did I rivet this on the wrong side of the bulkhead, but I riveted it over the riveting tape. Anyway I drilled out the rivets and riveted it back on the right way.

The two rivets that hold on the shear bars are -14 length which is actually somewhat too short. Oh well, the rivets aren't doing much besides holding it in position until the bolts go in anyway.

A buddy of mine, Scott, called and we talked for a while, so the only other thing I got done was to pop in a few snap bushings.