Fri Feb 1 2008

F-705 Rear spar bulkhead work

I started the evening by fabricating these angle brackets that will eventually be used on the center section bulkhead. One edge has a slight angle to it...presumably to allow clearance for the conical shape of the tailcone. Don't rivet these on until after the side skins are attached.

Then I worked on fabricating some little spacer blocks that go between the two bars that form the "fork" where the rear spar attches. The fence on the mitre saw didn't get close enough to the blade, so I put on a fence extender. I used mitre saw to cut the block to length, then used the bandsaw to make the lengthwise cuts.

Gotta use extreme caution when working close to the blade like this.

After filing in a slight chamfer (1/64" x 3/32") per the plans, these were all set.

I match drilled F-705B and the two F-605Cs to the F-705A prepunched bulkhead. Many thanks to Brad Oliver for his warning about cutting the F-605Cs too short.