Thu Feb 7 2008

F-705 Rear spar bulkhead work

Mark in the sheetmetal shop at work was nice enough to put this 4 degree bend in the F-705K material. He used the pressbrake.


Well, after much cutting, filing, drilling, countersinking, and deburring here's what the seat positioning stops look like.

Then it was time to match drill the F-705G brackets to the F-705D channel.

After match drilling I worked on putting in the slot.

Carefully drilling at both ends up to #19 made the holes large enough... fit this chainsaw file through. A few minutes with the file...

...and presto! Looks like a slot. Feels like a slot. By gum, it's a slot!

In the interest of match drilling as much stuff as possible, I dug out these F-757 gussets and deburred them.

Then after match drilling the top holes of F-705D to the F-705G brackets...

...I match drilled the F-757 gussets to the F-705D channel. That's it for tonight!