Sat Feb 9 2008

F-705 Rear spar bulkhead work; Helping Brent Owens

I went over to my friend, Brent Owens' place today to help him rivet on the bottom skins of his wings. We got the bottom inboard panel of the left wing riveted on in about 2 hours.

The right wing went even more quickly. It probably took about 1.5 hours or so. Brent should be able to get everything ready during the next week, so a week from now we'll probably be putting on the outboard panels.

After getting home I did some work to finish up the F-705 bulkhead. In preparation for drilling the F-661-EF blocks, I drew a centerline on them. You may notice the two centerlines don't exactly match up. That's because one of the blocks was slightly too thick.

After marking the locations for the holes, I drilled the first one in the drill press. That green block is a wood 1-2-3 block my dad made for me. It's perfectly square, so it worked well for holding the F-661-EF straight.

After the first hole was drilled, I clamped it to the F-705D bulkhead channel and match drilled the second hole. Actually that's not quite right. I only match drilled about 1/4 inch deep. Then I took it back to the drill press and clamped it up with the 1-2-3 block to make sure I drilled it straight.

Here are the two completed flap pivot blocks. I used a file to deburr the edges (not including the edges of the side that bolts to F-705D). I also touched the outer corners against the grinding wheel to make them less sharp.

Before drilling the two holes for mounting the canopy mechanism pivot blocks, I made a little template that I can use when I eventually get the C-611 blocks. That way I don't have to deal with trying to drill them in assembly.

Photo Op! It was a waste of time, but I decided to cleco together the F-705 to see what it looked like. It needs to be taken back apart for priming, but other than that it's ready to rivet together.