Sun Feb 10 2008

F-706, F-707, and F-708 Bulkheads

I've been frustrated with my lack of organization. It seems I'm constantly looking for the right drill bit. So before I got started today I made this handy dandy drill bit holder.

I also made this little table so I don't have to look up these common sizes.

It was time to get started straightening and fluting the bulkheads. Since the tailcone is conical ('s a tailcone after all), the flanges of the bulkheads shouldn't be square to the web. So I used this angle transfer tool to match the angles on the top, bottom, and sides of the fuselage.

I match drilled the F-728B to the F-728A...

...used the unibit to open up some holes for snap bushings...

...and straigntened and fluted the F-706, F-707, and F-708 bulkheads. I got them as straight as I could, but they're still not perfect. The F-706 is the worst. That bulkhead gives new meaning to the word "floppy".

I also match drilled F-729B to F-729A. Easy stuff.