Mon Feb 11 2008

F-705 Bulkhead work

I had previously cut the F-729C angle at the top of the picture. Unfortunately, I cut the 45 degree chamfer on the wrong flange, so I had to make another one. No biggie.

Then a quick squeeze in the vise squashed it to 88.5 degrees. Yes, my shop is a mess right now. Aluminum filings everywhere. I'll cleanup before I start riveting stuff together.

The plans didn't say to trim this corner off, but it seemed like it would be better to match the corner to the angle.

A minute or two with the bandsaw, sander, and file had it looking much better.

I then fabricated the F-635C spacers for the bellcrank. 11/16 inch long on the money!

I was working on the F-635 bellcrank arms. After match drilling them to the bearing and the little spacer, I started drilling out the ends. Unfortunately I was thinking these ends got an AN4 bolt rather than an AN3 bolt, so I ended up drilling this one hole too large. Well it was almost 2:30 AM by this point so I decided to just run upstairs, make a web order for a new F-635, and call it a night.

When I got home from work today I found that my order from Van's had arrived. After looking at the Andair fuel valve, I'm really glad I got it. There's really no comparison.

I took a couple minutes and deburred this F-688 gusset. I also did some miscellaneous work on the bulkheads, but didn't get any photos.