Wed Feb 13 2008

F-711 Bulkhead work

I laid out the holes on these F-711C bars and started drilling them. For some reason after I had starter dimples for the hole locations and I was just about to drill them through I decided to double check the measurements. Good thing I did...the hole at the end of one of the bars was marked in the wrong spot. I remeasured and started the hole in the correct spot.

Here are the holes after drilling with the #30 bit. I don't think that #40 drill point will hurt anything.

After drilling the rest of the holes, I did some work with the bandsaw, sander, and file to taper the ends of the bars.

Then I cut the F-711D to length with the correct angle at each end. The plans say to make the angle 1/8 inch over the length of the flange which is 3/4 inch. That works out to be 9.4 degrees, so I just set the mitre saw to 9.4 degrees and hacked 'em off!

Here's the completed F-711 bulkhead. You can see that I cut the notches out of the middle of F-711A and F-711B for the elevator pushrod to stick through. Note that I also adjusted the flange angles on both of those bulkheads using the same transfer-the-angle-from-the-plans method that I used before.

Last thing for the night was to do a little work on the F-712 bulkhead. I just fabricated the F-712D tiedown bracket and called it a night. I'll take this puppy in to work tomorrow to tap that hole. We have a tapping table at work that'll make that really easy.