Mon Feb 18 2008

Shop cleanup and longerons

I spent a couple hours cleaning the shop today after making that huge mess building the shelves. While vacuuming, I managed to suck the knob of my space heater into the shop vac. It only took a couple minutes of fishing around to find it. Shortly afterward I sucked up my rivet gauge too. After about 20 minutes of sifting through all the stuff in the vac (twice!), I found it stuck in the hose. At this point I decided to empty the shop vac. :-/

As our fearless leader, George W. Bush, says, "fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again."

Apparently with regard to sucking stuff up into the vacuum I can get fooled again. Sigh.

I pulled the longerons down from the ceiling where they were stored in the floor trusses above the basement. I was surprised to find that there was some surface corrosion in one area of both longerons. I believe this is where they ran under an HVAC duct. Odd...I dunno why they would've gotten corroded. I don't believe condensation ever formed on the duct and these longerons weren't touching the duct.

It seems to polish off easy enough with a ScotchBrite pad. I'll probably check with Van's to make sure they're OK.